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Top Tips for Business Networking at Your Next a Event

Business networking can benefit your company hugely, so it’s important to leave a positive, lasting impression with those who you meet at networking events. With these tips from Business Live, you can leave your next event feeling confident in the connections you make.

Don’t Be Pushy

Remember that a business networking event is not an excuse to spam other attendees with your business cards. Don’t waste your money by throwing them around left, right and centre. Instead, you should concentrate on making lasting relationships, and give your cards to those you feel could bring something to your company, or could benefit from your connections. Wait until the event nears its end before distributing your business cards, once you have made your excellent impression on others through genuine conversation.

Show Interest

When you find yourself in conversation with fellow business people, make sure that you are engaged, making eye contact, and listening to what is being said. There is nothing worse than talking to someone who is disinterested in the topic of the conversation. Be ready to respond to questions around the topic and ask questions in return.

Ask Open Ended Questions

Keep conversation flowing and show your interest by asking well thought out, open ended questions that invite a complex answer rather than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This will avoid disjointed discussions, and you’d be surprised how quickly the conversation can develop and adapt into various directions.

Reach Out

Once you have made your connections at a business networking event, remember to follow them up. Any free time you have during your day could be used to network with a simple phone call or follow up email, showing your commitment, honesty, and reliability. Try to make your contact personal and friendly, based on the discussions you had rather than sending a generic email to all.


If you would like more advice on effective business networking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Business Live team on 07752 160 049. Alternatively, you can email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.