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The Benefits of Business a Networking

Active business networking is a crucial aspect of growth within your industry. Networking is not to be confused with selling; it is not about short term business sales, but instead about building long term relationships and a lasting reputation. In short, it involves meeting with like-minded professionals whom you may be able to help, and who in turn can potentially help you. It’s important to turn up to a marketing event with an icebreaker to get conversation flowing and feeling natural. The most genuine relationships happen through organic conversation. An open-ended question such as ‘what brings you to this event?’ is a sure-fire-winner, and could really help your business growth in the long run. At Business Live events, staff are always on hand to encourage conversation and make introductions.

Raise Profile

An essential aspect of business growth is brand awareness and reach. By being visible and actively getting noticed through business networking, your company is sure to improve. By regularly attending events such as those hosted by Business Live, your face will soon become known. By networking and proving to be a reliable, helpful contact, your reputation will soon build, and attract others to network with you. By proving that you are a knowledgeable person to work with, you will find others offering their help to you in return.

Open Doors

Growing your web of contacts can open doors to many opportunities that may not present themselves otherwise. Whether it’s business growth, collaboration with other brands, or personal advancement, business networking is the way to go. The saying ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ is important to remember. Of course, it matters that you are knowledgeable as well, but by making contacts and proving reliability, your characteristics as a business or individual will shine through and keep you at the top of everyone’s mind when opportunities arise.

Fresh Ideas

By exchanging knowledge and first hand experience with peers in your industry, you can gain a fresh, alternative outlook and learn from them. Fresh ideas are crucial to growth and progression, especially in recent years as everything moves and changes so quickly. Benefit from talking to people who may have completely different experiences to you.


Networking not only helps your own growth, but by helping others, you can increase your own gratification and satisfaction in seeing others improve thanks to your advice and support.

After the networking event, it is important to follow up on any relationships you have made by sending a note or email. If you have offered to put others in contact, be sure to send through the details that you had arranged. Acting upon your statements will prove that you are a person of your word, and reliable.


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