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What You Should Expect To Gain From   Networking Events

There is a lot to be said for networking events. We believe they provide crucial platforms for business professionals, and can only benefit those who attend. Aside from the obvious benefits of spreading company recognition, there are many things that you should expect to take away from networking events, regardless of the industry. Business Live have listed a few things that you can gain from a professionally organised event.

Genuine Relationships

A stand out benefit of networking events is the common ground you have with other attendees. The events are designed to group like minded individuals together in an informal and relaxed environment, meaning you can feel at ease with genuine, organic conversation that doesn’t feel forced. If your business goal is to make contacts in your industry, business networking events are definitely where you need to be. It can often be hard to build and maintain relationships from the office, so it’s important to get your face out there and create a lasting impression.

Up-To-Date Information

Industries are ever evolving, and move at a rapid rate. In a room surrounded by industry peers, leaders and learners, you are guaranteed to discuss current and relevant topics. By keeping an ear in these conversations, you are automatically keeping yourself up to date and won’t get left behind as the industry continues its progression.

Gain Fresh Ideas

At most networking events, you will benefit from an accredited guest speaker. By listening to the ethos and philosophy of an individual with a successful story, you have the opportunity to learn.


Office life can sometimes swamp you and make you feel isolated. Even with a room full of people, an office can often lack the dynamism and conversation that is needed to engage on a social level. Why not take an hour or two out of your working day to attend a networking event. We believe that communication is crucial, and often the first place to start is to simply converse with like-minded people away from the distractions of your desk. Socialising can give others a better understanding of who you are, what your interests are and what drives you. This can boost your career, and make you more than just another member of the team.

Find Potential Employees

Networking events can not only boost your career, but can lead to new recruits in your own team! When chatting informally, you can gain a genuine understanding of what a person is like, what motivates them in work and what interests and opinions they have on relevant ideas, world events and more! You can gauge whether the character of an individual will fit into your workplace dynamic. Remember, knowledge can be built, people can be trained, but personality cannot be taught!

There are many benefits to be had from networking events. If you are looking to attend one in your area, please get in touch with Business Live today to discuss their upcoming dates! Call the team on 07752 160 049 or fill out our contact form.