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Our events are educational & fantastic lead generators for businesses

Victoria Beale Events Ltd have been hosting lead generating events under the brand name Business Live for the past 10 years. Having hosted close to 3000 business and property related events, workshops and seminars across Milton Keynes, London, Leicester and Nottingham, we offer the business community far more than just casual networking. Our quarterly events are content driven and therefore give people the opportunity to connect with fantastic local business owners and learn something of value at the same time.

Please get in touch if you are an expert in your field and you would like the opportunity to speak at or sponsor one of our events.


Check out our next event!

'How to get your sales team punching above their weight'

The fantastic former world champion and business coach, Billy Schwer will be coming along to Central Milton Keynes on 20/06/19 for a FREE sales mindset masterclass! Find out how to:

  • Punch above your weight
  • Win More Often
  • Struggle less
  • Experience more success!

We will fill a room with people who want to buy your product or service

Victoria Beale Events Ltd are specialists in generating leads for businesses through the power of events, we will handle everything, from creating the event concept all the way through to promoting, filling, hosting and managing the event on the day. We will even follow up with all the delegates after the event has happened! All you need to do is turn up on the day and allow your personality to shine through; people buy from people – FACT.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about how we can create your very own self funding, lead generating event.

The official launch of Your Office Space

Our latest event project

We had eight weeks to fill Gloucester House with a minimum of 50 delegates interested in utilising the fantastic new 24/7 office space and café. After a combination of strategic social media, video, PR and telemarketing we managed to get over 100 bookings to the event which made it a truly successful evening.




Why choose us ?



All of our events offer an element of educational content, whether it be on business development, finance or fitness there is something for every business, no matter the size!

Lead generation

Whether it's through events, distribution to our network of over 10,000 business owners, PR, or targeted telemarketing, we will generate leads for your business


We have access to thousands of private investors, lenders, finance and crowd funding experts. Whether you are seeking investment, a loan or just looking to save money, we can help!


We have a fast growing network of over 10,000 business owners. When working with us, your brand is exposed to our network on all platforms gaining your business more exposure and credibility.


All you need to do is tell us what your business is and who you want to attract then will make it happen, leaving you to focus on the daily running of your business.


Our event structure ensures that you will be guaranteed to make back the money you have invested and more meaning you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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