Our story


Business Live is launched

Business Live the brand was set up in Milton Keynes  as a professional business networking club for decision makers only, co-founded by Victoria Beale (CEO of Rapid Sales Solutions) and  in partnership with Bistro Live.


Business Live Launches in Leicester & Nottingham

We experienced a hugely successful first year in Milton Keynes, with 12 events and 60-100 successful business owners attending each. This enabled us to branch out to Leicester and eventually Nottingham with 12 events per year in each city and a minimum of 30 delegates in attendance per event. 


Business Expo 3.0 is launched

After huge success in all three cities, our CEO, Victoria wanted to create an event that was bigger and better than them all, therefore Business Expo 3.0 was launched on 8/3/2013 at the MK Dons Stadium in Milton Keynes. We welcomed over 2000 delegates, exhibitors and sponsors, including; Mazars, Companies House, Santander, IPO & MK Council.


CEO Victoria Beale is interviewed by Deborah Meaden and the second Business Expo 3.0 is launched

Victoria legally took full ownership of the Business Live brand & was invited to discuss the growth of MK business with Deborah Meaden on Radio 4. Stadium MK also welcomed the second Business Expo 3.0 to more than 3000, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors.


Woburn Sculpture Gallery welcomes the third Business Expo 3.0

More than 2500 delegates attended the event where Victoria received  £17.5k of European Social Fund money via SEMLEP to support the show as it was so highly regarded by local and national politicians and dignitaries.


Launch of the Landlord and Investor Summit

Victoria united with local estate agents ‘Inspired Sales and Lettings’ to connect them and other agents with landlords & investors thereby generating leads and helping to solve the local housing crisis.

Plans to help solve the city’s housing crisis at Landlord and Investor Summit, Milton Keynes

From left to right: Adil Marbouhi, Neil Briggs, Mayor of Milton Keynes Steve Coventry, Danielle Withers, the Mayoress Ms Liane Lacey and Victoria Beale at the Landlord and Investor Summit
From left to right: Adil Marbouhi, Neil Briggs, Mayor of Milton Keynes Steve Coventry, Danielle Withers, the Mayoress Ms Liane Lacey and Victoria Beale at the Landlord and Investor Summit


Property landlords and investors gathered in Milton Keynes for a day of networking and blue sky thinking… including an exciting new plan to help solve the city’s housing crisis.

The second Landlord and Investor Summit, held at Stadium MK on Friday, February 10, was held to help property owners and investors to develop their businesses.

Neil Briggs is co-founder of the summit and Managing Director of the event’s sponsors, MK-based Inspired Sales and Letting. He said: “It was great to see so many people looking for information about the local property market. There are some very exciting opportunities and solutions. It is all about making valuable connections, which this summit does brilliantly.

“The summit provided the perfect platform for companies to get their ideas out to a wider audience. There were many interesting ideas, including a plan to bring some of the 300 unoccupied homes back into use.”

Conference-goers were told that the plan involves a property management company in discussion with the YMCA over renting out currently unoccupied properties.

Victoria Beale, the Co-Founder of the Landlord Summit, said: “The summit is all about creating opportunities and solutions for property landlords and investors. The plan is an interesting one as we see the Milton Keynes property landscape maturing and moving into an exciting and robust future.

“In terms of the summit, we are seeing an upsurge in interest from the sector, with an increase of 30 per cent in visitors to this second summit, compared to the inaugural event.”

The Landlord and Investor Summit is supported by some big names in MK, including Royal Bank of Scotland, Whitebox Property Solutions, LNPG, Carey Pensions, The Mortgage Store, Mortimers, Property Repossessions Spain, Optima Boilers, SAVA School of Surveying, ISIS Relocation and Wilson Brown Solicitors.

The next Landlord and Investor Summit will be held in Milton Keynes on June 16, 2017.  Source


Business Live Makeover

After continuing with the monthly events in Milton Keynes Leicester and Nottingham, Victoria decided to revamp Business live at Stadium MK as a monthly event for CEO’s & directors only whose business turnover was in excess of £500K per annum. The second landlord and investor summit was also launched. 


Launch of Business Live Conference & Expo

Business Live Conference and Expo 2018 was for company owners, or senior decision makers, within organisations who were  seeking to grow their business rapidly over the course of 12 months. Victoria was also appointed deputy chairwoman for fundraising and events of the local conservative association and Victoria Beale Events Ltd was born! 


Successful launch of Your Office Space Ltd

After almost 10 years of great success in hosting networking events that, not only delivered fantastic educational value, but also connected local businesses together thus generating leads and increased business opportunities, Victoria decided to set up Victoria Beale Events Ltd – an event creation & management service whilst still using the well known Business Live brand. The official launch of Your Office Space was our most recent event with over 100 delegates.